Sunday, March 27, 2016

If you arrived at the WTF Shakespeare blog after clicking (or one of its sublinks), it was because traffic to the Marlovian domain has been redirected to this address while the Marlowe Lives! website gets a long-needed redesign and update.

During this process the domain could be redirected elsewhere temporarily. Possibly the Marlowe Society (England) or the Marlowe Society of America would be interested in a permanent redirect since the term "Marlovian" does not necessarily equate him with Shakespeare. Either way, this blog will continue to grow— along with Marlowe-Shakespeare studies around the globe.

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  1. Thanks to Marlovian #1 (Peter Farey) for pointing out to me that the "Oxford English Dictionary defines the noun 'Marlovian' as 'An admirer or student of Marlowe or his writing. Also: an adherent of the theory that Marlowe wrote the plays attributed to Shakespeare.' It gives a quotation from the Guardian newspaper of 6 September 1963: 'There are Marlovians as well as Baconians and Shakespeareans.'"